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Brian Lamb’s Nov. 14, 2010 interview


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POGO, Project On Government Oversight, = Request Support so I may take action as of POGO’s Mission Statement + Daley’s compassion towards whistleblowers. 


POGO news letter, Oct. 2010, Vol. 14, Issue 2, 
Beth Daley Page 5, Paragraph 5:  ... Beth Daley loved advising and advocating for whistleblowers speaking out against waste, fraud, an abuse in the federal government.  She testified in support of protections for national security wshistleblowers legislation providing such protections is finally pending before Congress.

I would like POGO to become even more aggressive in trying to have Representatives Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Darrell Issa (R-CA) to promote and support me a proven whistleblower and the pending whistleblowers legislation.  

I make this request based on, Brian Lamb’s Nov. 14, 2010 interview with Bethany Mclean, author of “All The Devils Are Here” and Lamb’s newspaper article from reporter Frank Rich, (  

Mclean and Rich both agreed that the corrupt mind set of the large banks of the past and now will cause another more serious problem even with the new rules in place and new coming rules.

Also I’m reading/studying “The Big Short” by Michael Lewis a New York Times best seller for months.  Hard back version page 176, Steve Eisman, (hedge fund owner made tens of Billions selling short) says in 2007, “We are in the midst of one of the greatest social experiments this country has ever seen. “It’s just not going to be a fun experiment....  You think this is ugly.  You haven’t seen anything yet.”

Aug. 2009, Eisman, page 263, “There’s no limit to the risk in the market.  A bank with a market capitalization of one billion dollars might have one trillion dollars’ worth of credit default swaps outstanding.  No one knows how many there are!  And no one knows where they are!” 

That statement and others (p. 59 “The loans were structured to go bad.”) “The Big Short” NOW shows financing type of terrorizing of world and I apologize to France, Spain, Greece, Ireland and all the others who have been hurt by America’s apparent corrupt bankers and government supported legalization of an invented CDO page 72, by way of ISDA page 48 that destroyed their future.

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